FAQ's - Chabad of Catonsville


What is Chabad?

Chabad is one of the fastest growing Jewish organizations empowered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to spread the light of Judaism to all corners of the globe. Dedicated to providing for the Jewish needs of the community and students, Chabad of Catonsville aims to give Jews a platform to experience their Judaism on their own level and at their own pace.


Do I need to be Orthodox to participate?

Not at all. Chabad is open to all Jews regardless of background or affiliation. We have one Torah, we are one people, we have one Gā€‘d and one land. Chabad endeavors to bring unity among the Jewish community through our common bond of Jewish faith and observance.


What if I’m only half-Jewish or not very religious?

If your mom is Jewish, then you are as Jewish as Moses and should have the opportunity to explore what that means. You’re always welcome! If your Dad is Jewish, or you are not Jewish, and would like to experience the Jewish traditions and culture, you’re also more than welcome!


What do I wear? Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code at Chabad so come in what you will be most comfortable. On Shabbat and Holidays, we tend to dress more classy and modest.


Do I need to know the prayers already? What if I don’t know what to do?

If you don’t know the prayers or rituals, we are here to help! Just mention that to the Rabbi or Rebbetzin (Rabbi’s wife) when you come and we will be happy to assist.


Does it cost anything to come to dinner/events?

We currently provide all our programs free of charge and no one is ever turned away. The support for our programs comes solely from alumni, parents and friends so feel free to donate here.


What can I expect when I come for Shabbat?

The Shabbat experience is typically a four-course dinner complete with delicious appetizers, matzah ball soup, dessert (obviously) and more! A short prayer service takes place before dinner.


If I come to dinner/events, do I need to stay the whole time?

Always feel comfortable to leave early or stay late!


Are you affiliated with UMBC? Can non-students participate too?

Located just a 3-minute drive from UMBC, we primarily service the students at this campus. At events and programs for students, you’re welcome (and encouraged!) to bring a friend or family member along. Just keep in mind the age range events are geared for (18-25).

For community events, all are welcome to participate!


Do I have to be a member to join a program?

There are no prerequisites for getting involved with Chabad! You do not have to be a member at Chabad, you just have to be Jewish - and you automatically belong.

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